About Us

Retford-Chinese-Takeaway.com is the result of trying to find a solution to a problem. The problem is that it’s sometimes difficult to find a menu or see which Chinese Takeaway in Retford offers a certain dish. There’s usually posts every week on the local page on Facebook about these problems so we decided to try and solve that issue in one central website.

We’ve collected Menu’s from every Chinese Takeaway in Retford to clearly display the information so it’s easy to find what you’re looking for. Now if you want to know if Hong Kong house does a specific dish because it’s your closest Chinese Takeaway, then you can easily find that information.

As well as Menu information, Retford-Chinese-Takeaway.com will feature opening times, addresses, contact information, delivery options, ordering options and online ordering options for all of Retford’s Chinese Takeaways.

The menu’s from each establishment will be regularly be checked and the website will be updated so that it stays up to date with all the changes, so you’re never viewing out of date information. Now you don’t have to search through your junk drawers and find 5 year old Chinese Takeaway menus which don’t have the correct prices or are missing your favourite dish!

Retford-Chinese-Takeaway.com is in no way associated with any of the establishments listed. If you have any issues with an order please contact them directly.

Retford-Chinese-Takeaway.com is operated by 801 Online Ltd and you can email us on our Contact Us page if you have any issues with this website or its content. For any issues with your orders or food, please contact the establishments themselves.